About the Name Night Light News

We have called this online newsletter the Night Light News because it brings to mind quiet reading under a small focused night light. Esoteric students, before sleep and to prepare for ancient wisdom classes held between 10 pm and 5 am each night, are often seen reading their astrological and esoteric texts under a night light.

"Night" is also ancient Egyptian/Sumerian code word for Sirius B, the companion star of Sirius A. According to an ancient Egyptian treatise called, The Virgin of the World, Sirius B "weaves her web with rapid light, bestowing order on all things below." Sirius B orbits Sirius A and is the smallest, densest and heaviest of all stars in the heavens. Considered the starting point of creation Sirius B is said to contain the germ of all things, and while moving on her own axis, upholds all creation in space. Sirius B's orbit determined the Egyptian calendar.

From The Sirius Mystery by R.K.G. Temple


"The Night Light News endeavors to bridge personality-with Soul-centered astrology focusing on its practical use in the our lives."

--Risa D'Angeles


The Goals of Night Light News

Introduce basic and practical astrological facts that build the concrete mind.

Provide astrological points of reference in order to participate consciously in the evolutionary Plan which links our solar system in the Milky Way with the entire universe.

Reframe the news and historical events. Instead of interpreting global events from opinion, use astrology as a lens for causality

Explain the Moon cycles, from new to full each month, and how the Moon and Sun, in relation to each other, provide us with opportunities for personal development.

Explain the seasons, equinoxes, and solstices.

Introduce ancient and gnostic mysteries, all based on astrology.

Provide astrological insights to parents which enable them to better guide and communicate with their children.

Introduce astrology's connection to health, medicine, sports, business, and education.

Provide information about the Seven Rays of energy falling to Earth from the Big Dipper.

Review films, books and television shows from an astrological perspective.

Provide glossaries, references, authors and resources for further study.

Promote fun and recreation with crossword puzzles, recipes, travel and gardening tips from an astrological perspective.

Night Light News Team Biographies

The core group that works together to create Night Light News as a service to humanity is:

Risa D'Angeles, MA, Psychology & Education, is founder and director of the Esoteric and Astrological Studies and Research Institute, a contemporary Wisdom School, based in Santa Cruz, California. Risa is also an educator and lecturer, astrologer and therapist, writer and columnist, artist and musician. Risa's Sun is in Pisces, her Moon is in Aquarius and her ascendant is Libra. Email: risagoodwill@gmail.com

Alexis Harvey, Doctor of Chiropractic, is a member of the Institute's faculty and an astrological consultant specializing in personal and family relationships, business timing strategies, and medical astrology. Alexis' Sun is in Taurus, her Moon is in Aquarius and her ascendant is Scorpio.

Kathy Bower, BS, Business Administration and Marketing, is founder and president of MindShare Marketing & Communications, a Santa Cruz, California marketing consulting firm working with companies to bring their unique vision, mission and core values into the world. Kathy also maintains a private energy healing practice and is researching the affects of cosmic energies on the physical body and human energy field. Kathy's Sun is in Aquarius, her Moon is in Taurus and her ascendant is Leo.

Rebecca Dye is an award-winning landscape architect and artist. Co-founder of Design Focus (www.designfocus.com), a landscape architecture and environmental design firm in Saratoga, California, Rebecca's vision is to create environments and experiences that enrich and inspire the human spirit. One of her core values is protecting and restoring natural systems. As water, soil, plant life and animals are restored to a site or community, people experience the transformation and the outcome is personal growth and a healthier environment. Rebecca's Sun is in Libra, her Moon is in Aries, and her ascendant is Capricorn.

Hank Helbush is a habitatualist and co-founder of Design Focus (www.designfocus.com), a landscape architecture and environmental design firm and sponsor of www.xoxearth.com, a web site that explores the future of man living within nature. Hank specializes in habitat restoration and enjoys linking together specialists from diversified areas of expertise to meet the needs of specific projects. Hank's Sun is in Libra, his Moon is in Taurus, and he has a Gemini ascendant.

Anna Cameron is a Reed College graduate in Religious Studies and has worked in several non-profit and humanitarian organizations, including the American Red Cross. Her interests are in radio, alternative architecture (green buildings), sustainable communities, and the plant kingdom. Anna's Sun is in Aries, her Moon is in Capricorn and her ascendant is Cancer.

Mercy Bolton has been studying astrology and esotercism for six years, starting at the age of sixteen. Currently a personal fitness trainer coordinator in the Silicon Valley, her next endeavor includes the in-depth study of esoteric healing. Mercy's Sun is in Leo, her Moon is in Aquarius and her ascendant is Libra.

Laura Perkins is a technical writer at Borland Software Corporation in Scotts Valley, California. Laura created the art and astrology web site www.oceanjewel.com. Laura's Sun is in Pisces, her Moon is in Aquarius and her ascendant is Cancer.

Linda Gunnarson is a longtime resident of northern California whose publishing experience ranges from editing books on staff for Rolling Stone to her present acquisitions/development work at Sierra Club Books in San Francisco. Her passions include a deep connection to Tuscany, and Firenze in particular, and a curiosity about all aspects of the arts. She is the proud mother of the lovely and talented Antonia. Linda's Sun is Libra, Aries Moon, Taurus Ascendent.