"The goal of life is living in agreement with nature."

-- Zeno of Elea(Greek Philosopher, 490-430 BC)


The Scorpio Garden

The garden of Scorpio is sometimes full of brambles, sticks, old thorns, and what seem like dead tree limbs and fields. This is not because Scorpio isn't graceful and doesn't like beauty. Instead, the time of the year in which Scorpio falls is a time of clearing, cutting, mulching, and preparing the soil to lie fallow and rest before Spring. Scorpio is about elimination so that a cleansing can take place. Therefore, during Scorpio one clears dying foliage, checks for diseases, regenerates the soil with fava beans, burns fields, recycles, sharpens tools, protects things made of iron in the garden, and stores away, puts up, and cans vegetables for the winter.

Composting is a Scorpio activity. Rich in humus, compost is organic material that decays and creates new soil. Moles burrowing, worms digging, snails slithering, and spiders hanging, are Scorpio creatures.

Plants that are ruled by Scorpio include heather, the thorn tree, the herb horehound, leeks, orchards (perhaps because one can hide in them), all poisonous plants, pulsatilla (the herb and homeopath), red, scarlet, and purple flowers and shrubs, pomegranates, thistles, vineyards, and wormwood.

Peripherally included in the garden are mud, caves, deep pools of water, snakes, scorpions, basements, and ancient ruins. At night sometimes, an owl can be heard hooting in the darkness. Owls are considered little eagles in Native American mythology, and the eagle is the highest attainment one can reach in Scorpio.